Ting Tiongco

Ting Tiongco (aka José R. M. Tiongco) is a doctor, a surgeon, who studied in Ateneo all his life before he got to the University of the Philippines College of Medicine and trained in the Department of Surgery at the Philippine General Hospital. He subsequently obtained a scholarship to train in neurosurgery at the Allgemeines Krankehaus der Stadt Wien in Austria where he learned to speak German for self-defense. This was on top of having to study Latin for six years and Spanish for four years in Ateneo. But he still dreams in Bol-anon, being the offspring of Boholano parents who migrated after the second world war to Mindanao—where Ting was born and raised. He insists on living in Davao and happily swears that he would not mind dying in/for Mindanao (as he would do just as gleefully in/for the Philippines).