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  1. Aprieto, Virginia L. / Philippine Tuna Fisheries Yellowfin and Skipjack (reprint)

  2. Añonuevo, Roberto T. at Baquiran, Romulo P. Jr. / Sawikaan 2010: Mga salita ng Taon

  3. Casocot, Ian Rosales / Beautiful Accidents: Stories

  4. Ceña, Resty Mendoza / Gramatikang Filipino Balangkasan

  5. Del Prado-Lu, Jinky Leilanie / Basic of Occupational Health and Safety: Guidebook for Practitioners and Industries

  6. Fuller, Ken / A Movement Divided: Philippine Communism 1957-1986

  7. Hidalgo, Cristina P. / Six Sketches of Filipino Women Writers

  8. Javier, Carljoe / Geek Tragedies

  9. McFerson, Hazel M./ Mixed Blessing: The Impact of the American Colonial Experience on Politics and Society in the Philippines

  10. McMahon, Jennifer M. / Dead Stars: American and Philippine Literary Perspectives on the American Colonization of the Philippines

  11. Neferti, Tadiar X. M. / Things Fall Away: Philippine Historical Experience & the Makings of Globalization

  12. Ortiz, Will P. / Bugtong ng Buwan at iba pang Kuwento

  13. Pe-Pua, Rogelio / Sikolohiyang Pilipino Teorya, Metodo at Gamit Filipino Psychology: Theory, Method and Application (Reprint)

  14. Pinzon, Mary Jannette L. / The Rhetorics of Sins

  15. Rodriguez, Rommel B. / Lagalag sa Paglaya

  16. Taguiwalo, Judy M. / Babae, Obrera, Unyonista: Ang Kababaihan sa Kilusang Paggawa sa Maynila (1901-1941)

  17. Tiatco, Sir Anril Pineda / Miss Dulce Extranjera o ang paghahanap kay Miss B (dulang may dalawang yugto)

  18. Tolentino, Rolando B. / Almanak ng Isang Aktibista

  19. Torres-Yu, Rosario / Balagen: Edukasyong Pangkapayapaan at Panitikang Pambata

  20. Torres-Yu, Rosarion / Welgang Bayan: Empowering Labor Unions Against Poverty and Repression

  21. Vera, Rody / Tatlong Dula

  22. Woods, Damon L. / From Wilderness to Nation: Interrogating Bayan


1.    Abad, Gémino / Underground Spirit: Philippine Short Stories in English 1973 to 1989, Volumes I and II

2.    Abreu, Lualhati Milan / Agaw-dilim, Agaw-liwanag

3.    Almario, Virgilio S. / Muling-Pagkatha sa Ating Bansa

4.    Almeda, Josefina, Therese Garcia Capistrano, Genelyn Ma. Ferry Sarte / Elementary Statistics

5.    Arcellana, Emerenciana Y. (Ed.) / Favorite Arcellana Stories

6.    Blanco, John D. / Frontier Constitutions

7.    Bolipata-Santos, Rica / Lost and Found and Other Essays

8.    Boyer, Robert H. / Sundays in Manila

9.    Danguilan, Jose Luis J. M.D., Rafael Bundoc, M.D., Phillip Aristotle Hermida, M.D., Jerome Ong / Siglo: A Hundred Years of the PGH in the Service of the Filipino People

10.    Gonzalez, Narita and Los Baños, Gerardo (Eds.) / UP Diliman: Home and Campus

11.    Groyon, Vicente Garcia  / The Sky Over Dimas

12.    Jurilla, Patricia May / Bibliography of Filipino Novels 

13.    Lambio, Angel L. / Poultry Production in the Tropics (Ed.)

14.    Llanes, Ferdinand / UP in the Time of People Power

15.    Pomeroy, William / The Forest

16.    Sana, Erlyn A. (Ed.) / Teaching and Learning in the Health Sciences

17.    Tan, Samuel K. / The Muslim South and Beyond

18.    Tiempo, Edith L. / Commend Contend/Beyond Extensions

19.    Torres, Cristina E. / Americanization of Manila

20.    Yabes, Criselda / Sarena's Story


1.      1908: The Way It Really Was by Raul Rafael Ingles

2.      The Life and Works of Marcelo Adonay by Elena Mirano

3.      Lola Coqueta by Isabel Banzon

4.      Bilanggo: Life as a Political Prisoner in the Philippines, 1952-1962 by William Pomeroy

5.      Globalization and Becoming-Nation: Subjectivity, Nationhood and Narrative in the Period of Global Capitalism by Elmo Gonzaga

6.      Animal Breeding by Orville Bondoc

7.      Pook at Paninindigan: Kritika ng Pantayong Pananaw by Ramon Guillermo

8.      The Long Lost Startle by Joel M. Toledo

9.      Arkitekturang Filipino: A History of Architecture and Urbanism in the Philippines by Gerard Lico (Centennial)

10.  Simulain: Dulambayan ng Manggagawa sa Konteksto ng Militanteng Kilusang Unyonismo (1980-1994) by Apolonio Chua

11.  Balisa by Reuel M. Aguila

12.  Looking for the Philippines by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

13.  Huwaran/Hulmahan Atbp.: The Film Writing of Johven Velasco edited by Joel David

14.  Pag-aklas/Pagbaklas/Pagbagtas: Politikal na Kritisismong Pampanitikan by Rolando Tolentino

15.  Philippine Short Stories 1941-1955 Part I (1941-1949) by Leopoldo Yabes (Centennial title)

16.  Moro Islamic Challenge by Soliman Santos Jr. (reprint)

17.  Muslims in the Philippines by Cesar Majul (reprint)

18.  Regarding Franz edited by Elizabeth Arcellana Nuqui/Lydia Rodriguez Arcellana


1.       The Other Empire: Asian Literary Views of Japan by Ronald Klein

2.       Surgeons Do Not Cry by Jose Tiongco

3.       Inintokan by Victor Sugbo

4.       Poetika/Politika: Tinipong mga Tula by Bienvenido Lumbera (Centennial)

5.       Ginhawa, Kapalaran, Dalamhati edited by Consuelo Paz

6.       Our Scene So Fair: Filipino Poetry in English 1905 to 1955 by Gemino Abad (Centennial)

7.       Appropriation of Colonial Broadcasting: A History of Early Radio in the Philippines, 1922-1946 by Elizabeth Enriquez

8.       Mindoro and Beyond by NVM Gonzalez (Centennial)

9.       Si Rizal: Nobelista (Pagbasa sa Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo bilang Nobela) by Virgilio Almario

10.   From Globalization to National Liberation: Essays of Three Decades by E. San Juan Jr.

11.   A History of the Philippines by Samuel K. Tan (Social Sciences Student Edition)

12.   Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering by Ricardo G. Sigua (Centennial)

13.   Introduction to Semiconductor Devices and Circuits, 2nd edition by Luis G. Sison, Ph.D.

14.   Smaller and Smaller Circles by F. H. Batacan (reprint)

15.   Ultraviolins by Khavn de la Cruz

16.   Solid Waste Management: Principles and Practices by Filemon A. Uriarte Jr.

17.   Revisiting Usog, Pasma, Kulam by Michael Tan (Social Science Student Edition)

18.   Compendium of the Economically Important Seashells in Panay, Philippines by Liberato Laureta

19.   Icons and Institutions: Essays on the History of the University of the Philippines 1952-2000 by Oscar Evangelista

20.   Self Instructional Learning Modules by Jose Florencio Lapeña Jr.

21.   Fabulists and Chroniclers by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

22.   Sawikaan 2007 ed. by Romulo Baquiran Jr. and Galileo Zafra

23.   Philippine Gay Culture (2nd edition) by J. Neil Garcia (Centennial)

24.   Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English 1956 to 1972, Vol. I: 1956-1964 (Centennial)

25.   Upon Our Own Ground: Filipino Short Stories in English 1956 to 1972, Vol. II: 1964-1972 by Gémino Abad (Centennial)

26.   Philippine Fermented Foods: Principles and Technology by Priscilla Sanchez

27.   Philippine Short Stories 1925-1940 by Leopoldo Yabes (Centennial)

28.   Philippine Short Stories 1941-1955 Part II (1950-1955) by Leopoldo Yabes (Centennial)

29.   Selected Essays on Science and Technology for Securing a Better Philippines ed. by Gisella Concepcion, Eduardo Padlan and Caesar Saloma (Centennial)

30.   Sulod Society by F. Landa Jocano (Centennial)

31.   From Colonial to Liberation Psychology by Virgilio Enriquez (Centennial)

32.   Journey of a Retired Supreme Court Justice by Abraham Sarmiento



1.       Six Poetry Formats and the Transforming Image: A Monograph on Free Verse by Edith L. Tiempo

2.       Paano Magbasa ng Panitikang Filipino by B. Lumbera (reprint)

3.       Malolos: Crisis of the Republic by Teodoro Agoncillo (reprint)

4.       Textual Relations by Ramil Digal Gulle

5.       Manila Men in the New World: Filipino Migration to Mexico and the Americas from the 16th Century by Floro L. Mercene

6.       Mathematics and Science Education in Developing Countries ed. by Nagao, Rogan and Magno

7.       Kung Bakit Kailangan ang Himala by Rio Alma

8.       Handbook of Philippine Folklore by Mellie Leandicho-Lopez

9.       The Social Construction and Usage of Communication Technologies by Raul Pertierra

10.   Mathematical Methods in Economics and Business by Rolando A. Danao

11.   The Modern Principalia by Dante Simbulan (reprint)

12.   The Children’s Hour Vol. I by Gemino Abad

13.   The Children’s Hour Vol. II by C. P. Hidalgo

14.   Sandaang Damit: 16 na Maikling Kuwento by Fanny Garcia

15.   Philippine Folk Literature: An Anthology by Damiana Eugenio

16.   Lagalag sa Nanyang (Nanyang Piaoliuji by Bai Ren) Salin sa Filipino ni Joaquin Sy

17.   Psychedelia Apocalypsis at Iba Pang Dula by Nicolas Pichay

18.   Last Order sa Penguin by Chris Martinez (reprint)

19.   100 Love Poems ed. By Gemino Abad/Alfred Yuson (reprint)

20.   Manila Men (reprint)

21.   Rizal, Makabayan at Martir by Nilo Ocampo (reprint)

22.   Sawikaan 2006

23.   Postcolonial Studies ed. by P. Legasto/C.P. Hidalgo (reprint)

24.   UP Press Catalog

25.   Treading Through by Basilio Esteban Villaruz (reprint)

26.   Smaller and Smaller Circles by F.H. Batacan (reprint)

27.   Manahatta Mahal: Collected Expatriate Poems by Luis Cabalquinto

28.   Mostly in Monsoon Weather by Marne Kilates

29.   (Re)making Society: The Politics of Language, Discourse, and Identity in the Philippines by Topsie Tupas

30.   Forcing the Pace by Ken Fuller

31.   Best Filipino Stories: The NVM Gonzalez Awards 2000-2005 edited by Gemino Abad/Gregorio Brillantes

32.   Sigwa: Isang Antolohiya ng Maiikling Kuwento ed. by Ma. Milagros Carreon-Laurel et al. (reprint)

33.   Cordillera in June by Ben Tapang

34.   Sexuality and the Filipina by Lilia Quindoza-Santiago

35.   Defiant Daughters by Rina Corpus

36.   Negotiating from the Margins: Dynamics of Women’s Work in a Globalized Agricultural Economy by Nanette Dungo



37.   The Legends by Damiana Eugenio (reprint)

38.   Stringing the Past by Jun G. Cayron

39.   Archaeology and Culture in Southeast Asia: Unraveling the Nusantao by Wilhelm G. Solheim II

40.   Sonetos Postumos by V. Almario

41.   Damaged People by Karl R. de Mesa

42.   Kuwentong Bayan: Noong Panahon ng Hapon edited by Thelma Kintanar, et al.

43.   Writing Literary History and the Mode of Economic Production: 20th Century Waray Poetry by Jose Duke S. Bagulaya

44.   Iconography of the New Empire by S. Halili Jr.

45.   Mula sa mga Pakpak ng Entablado by Josephine Barrios

46.   The Roots of the Filipino Nation (Vol. II) by O.D. Corpuz

47.   The Knowing Is in the Writing by Jose Y. Dalisay Jr.

48.   Tutubi, Tutubi by Jun Cruz Reyes (reprint)

49.   Treading Through: 45 Years of Philippine Dance by Basilio Esteban S. Villaruz

50.   SAWIKAAN 2005 by Galileo Zafra/Mike Coroza

51.   KILATES: Panunuring Pampanitikan ng Pilipinas by Rosario Torres-Yu

52.   The Communist Party of the Philippines by Katheleen Weekley (reprint)

53.   Makinilyang Altar by Luna Sicat-Cleto (reprint)

54.   Likhaan Drama 1997-2003 ed. by Rene Villanueva/Vim Nadera

55.   Ang Batang Nangarap Maging Isda by Ronaldo Carcamo

56.   From Inside the Berlin Wall by Helen T. Yap

57.   Apokripos by Jerry B. Gracio

58.   Mind-Body Communication Technique by Carmencita P. del Villar

59.   Naglalayag by Irma Dimaranan

60.   The Folktales by Damiana Eugenio (reprint)

61.   Historyadora by Vim Nadera

62.   Interactive Vernacular«National Literature by Lucila V. Hosillos

63.   Juanita Cruz: A Novel by Magdalena Jalandoni, translated by Ofelia L. Jalandoni

64.   Juanita Cruz (Hiligaynon) by Magdalena Jalandoni

65.   Ed Angara: Seer of Sea & Sierra by Nick Joaquin

66.   Samboangan by Antonio Enriquez

67.   Bagets: An Anthology of Filipino Young Adult Fiction, ed. by Carla Pacis/Eugene Evasco

68.   Over a Cup of Ginger Tea by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

69.   A Guide to Families of Common Flowering Plants in the Philippines by Irma R. Castro

70.   Pagluwas by Zosimo Quibilan

71.   The Path to Success of Cooperatives by Eugenio Mendoza/Eulogio Castillo

72.   The Proverbs by Damiana Eugenio (reprint)



73.   Analysis of Selected Philippine Industries by Rafael A. Rodriguez

74.   Heart of Clay: A Collection of Love Sonnets (Centennial Edition) by Nina Estrada

75.   Memo Mulang Ginokudan by Virgilio Almario

76.   Alternative Histories: Martial Law Novels as Counter-Memory by Ruth Jordana Luna Pison

77.   Coffee and Dreams on a Late Afternoon: Tales of Despair and Deliverance in Mindanao by Rafael Rivera Gomez

78.   Iskrapbuk by Allan Derain (student ed)

79.   In Transitives by Isabelita Orlina Reyes

80.   Honoring Fathers ed. by Gémino Abad/Alfred Yuson

81.   Fragrant Ornamental Plants in the Philippines by Teresita Lantin-Rosario

82.   The Tragedy of the Revolution by Adrian Cristobal

83.   Sky Blue After the Rain by Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo

84.   Saulado by Rebecca Añonuevo

85.   SAWIKAAN ed. by Galileo Zafra and Romulo Baquiran

86.   The Garden of Wordlessness: Selected Poems by J. Neil C. Garcia (student ed)

87.   Sakit ng Kalingkingan by Rolando Tolentino

88.   The True and the Plain: A Collection of Personal Essays by Kerima Polotan

89.   Pangangaluluwa at Iba Pang Kuwento by Jimuel Naval (student ed)

90.   Nine Supernatural Stories ed. by April Yap/Lara Saguisag

91.   Pinoy Odyssey 2049 by Mario Miclat (student edition)

92.   The Trial of Andres Bonifacio by Abraham Sarmiento

93.   Misterios and Other Poems by J. Neil C. Garcia

94.   Philippine Folk Literature: The Riddles by Damiana Eugenio

95.   Captain Herman Leopold Schück by Michael Montemayor

96.   The Star-Entangled Banner by Sharon Delmendo

97.   Bedtime Stories by Rene Villanueva

98.   The Lovely Bienvenido Santos by Isagani Cruz

99.   A Dark Tinge to the World: Selected Essays (1987-2005) by Soledad S. Reyes

100.            A Literary Journey with Gilda Cordero-Fernando by Sylvia Mendez Ventura

101.            Toward a People’s Literature by E. San Juan

102.            Jungle Planet and Other Stories by Lakambini Sitoy

103.            Breaking the Silence (reprint) by L. Montinola

104.            Kuwadro Numero Uno: Mga Tula ni Benilda S. Santos (student ed.)

105.            The Road I Travelled: A Memoir by Gloria Aragon

106.            Selected Stories by Jose Dalisay

107.            Gabay sa Fildwurk by Consuelo Paz

108.            The Modern Principalia by Dante Simbulan

109.            Dark Hours by Conchitina Cruz

110.            Tunugan (book only) without CD by Ramon Santos

111.            Gender, Information Technology and Health by Jinky Lu

112.            The Roots of the Filipino Nation (Vol. I.) by O.D. Corpuz

2004  BORDER

1.             Abad, Gémino/Alfredo Yuson ed. Love Poems.

2.             Abad, Gémino H. Getting Real: An Introduction to the Practice of Poetry.

3.             Abad, Gémino. In Ordinary Time: Poems, Parables, Poetics 1973-2003.

4.             Abueg, Efren R.. Mga Kaluluwa sa Kumunoy.

5.             Almario, Virgilio/Romulo Baquiran Jr. eds. Pablo Neruda: Mga Piling Tula.

6.             Alunan, Merlie M. Selected Poems.

7.             Añonuevo, Rebecca T. Bago ang Babae: Mga Tula.

8.             Besa, Solita Camara. Up Close with Me.

9.             Brillantes, Gregorio. Looking for Jose Rizal in Madrid: Journeys, Latitudes, Perspectives, Destinations.

10.         Cabalquinto, Luis. Moon Over Magarao

11.         Culig, Edna. Rondalla Arrangements of Filipino Folk Dances.

12.         Dalisay, Jose Jr. Remembering NVM.

13.         Dalisay, Jose Jr./Angelo R. Lacuesta ed. Fourteen Love Stories.

14.         De Dios, Emmanuel S. Form and Functions: A Guide to Technical Writing in Economics.

15.         De Guzman, Arturo V. II. A Sparrow at War.

16.         De la Cruz, E. Directing for Theater: A Personal Approach.

17.         De Ungria, Ricardo. Decimal Places.

18.         De Ungria, Ricardo. Pidgin Levitations.

19.         Diokno, Ma. Socorro. Human Rights Centered Development: Theory and Practice.

20.         Encanto, Georgina. Constructing the Filipino Woman: A History of Women’s Magazines.

21.         Fermin, Jose D. 1904 World’s Fair: The Filipino Experience.

22.         Florencio, Cecilia. Nutrition in the Philippines.

23.         Francia, Luis. Museum of Absences.

24.         Fres-Felix, Maria L.M. Making Straight Circles: Short Story Collection.

25.         Garcia, Ester et. al. Managing a Modern University in the Philippines.

26.         Garcia, J. Neil. Postcolonialism and Filipino Poetics: Essays and Critiques.

27.         Groyon, Vicente Garcia. On Cursed Ground and Other Stories.

28.         Gutierrez, Ben Paul. BA Teaching Notes: Arts and Culture.

29.         Gutierrez, Ben Paul. BA Teaching Notes: Marketing Management.

30.         Hernandez, Eloisa. May Homebound.

31.         Hidalgo, C. P./P. Legasto. Philippine Post-Colonial Studies.

32.         Hukay.

33.         Jugo, Cyan Abad. Sweet Summer and Other Stories.

34.         Lanot, Marra PL. and Carla Pacis. The Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction 2002.

35.         Mayuga, Sylvia. Between the Centuries.

36.         OVPAA Manuals (Series 1)

37.         OVPAA Manuals (Series 2)

38.         Paz, Victor. Southeast Asian Archaeology.

39.         Pernia, Elena E. Communication Research in the Philippines.

40.         Popa Allan. Maaari: Mga Bago at Piling Tula.

41.         Reyes, Jun Cruz. Tutubi, Tutubi.

42.         Reyes, Myrna Peña. Almost Home (2nd printing)

43.         San Juan, Epifanio Jr. Sapagkat Iniibig Kita at Iba Pang Bagong Tula.

44.         Teodoro, Luis Jr. The Undiscovered Country.

45.         Tiempo, Edith L. Six Uses of Fictional Symbols.

46.         Tolentino, Roland. Transglobal Economies and Cultures.

47.         Yu, R. Torres and A. Aguirre. Sarilaysay.


1.             Ables, Higino A. Mass Communication and Philippine Society.

2.             Agcaoili, Aurelio. Dangadang.

3.             Antonio, Teo. Pagsunog ng Dayami.

4.             Antonio, Teo. Tilad na Dalit.

5.             Baquiran, Romulo Jr. Onyx.

6.             Barretto, Grace, ed. Hukay Journal.

7.             Bautista, Cirilo F. Tinik sa Dila: Isang Katipunan ng mga Tula.

8.             Beltran, Herminio Jr. Lemlunay: Mga Tula sa Tatlong Wika.

9.             Cabagnot, Ed. The Theatre of Director Julius Opus.

10.         Castillo, Erwin. The Firewalkers.

11.         Cruz, Isagani. Bukod na Bukod: Mga Piling Sanaysay.

12.         David, Wilfredo. Averting the Water Crisis in Agriculture: Policy and Program Framework for Irrigation Development in the Philippines.

13.         De Jesus, George III, Bienvenido Lumbera, Melba Padilla Magay. Tatlong Sarsuwela.

14.         Epistola, Nieves. On Playing the Emperor’s Game and Other Poems.

15.         Evasco, Eugene, Roselle Pineda, Rommel Rodriguez. Tabi-tabi sa Pagsasantabi.

16.         Garcia, J. Neil C. Performing the Self: Occasional Prose.

17.         Gatbonton, Juan. Little Reports.

18.         Gonzalez, Ma. Romina. Welostit and Other Stories.

19.         Guieb, Eli III. Pamilya®: Mga Katha.

20.         Gutierrez, Ben Paul B. Cases on Arts and Culture Mgt. in the Philippine Setting.

21.         Hidalgo, Cristina Pantoja. Creative Nonfiction: A Manual for Filipino Writers.

22.         Hidalgo, Cristina Pantoja. Creative Nonfiction: A Reader.

23.         Landicho, Domingo. Mata ng Apoy.

24.         Lucero, Rosario. Feast and Famine: Stories of Negros.

25.         Manalo, Paolo. Jolography.

26.         Mangohig, Arvin. The Gaze: Poems.

27.         Martinez, Christopher D. Last Order sa Penguin.

28.         O’Hara, Mario. Palasyo ni Valentin.

29.         Ong, Charlson. A Tropical Winter’s Tale and Other Stories.

30.         Ordoñez, Elmer A. Diliman: Homage to the Fifties.

31.         Orense, Rolando P. Geotechnical Hazards.

32.         Paz, Consuelo J., Viveca V. Hernandez, Irma U. Peneyra. Ang Pag-aaral ng Wika.

33.         Reyes, Myrna Peña. Almost Home: Poems.

34.         Roman, Emerlinda. Cases on Strategic Management in the Philippine Setting.

35.         Sanchez, Wilfredo Pascua. New and Later Poems.

36.         Santiago, Lilia Quindoza/Domingo Landicho. Ang Aklat Likhaan ng Tula at Maikling Kuwento 2001 (Filipino)

37.         Sarmiento, Ramon Felipe A., Pedro C. Laurel, Jr., Rodolfo C. Vera. Tatlong Dulang Pampelikula.

38.         Sering, Tara FT. Reconnaissance.

39.         Tolentino, Roland. Ali*bang-Bang at Iba Pang Kuwento .



1.             Abad, Gémino H. Poems and Parables.

2.             Abad, Gémino H. and Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo. The Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction 2001.

3.             Abad, Gémino H. The Likhaan Anthology of Philippine Literature in English from 1900 to the Present.

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10.         Claudio, Sylvia E. Rape, Love, and Sexuality: The Construcion of Women in Discourse.

11.         Cleto, Luna Sicat. Makinilyang Altar.

12.         Corpuz, Onofre D. Saga and Triumph: The Filipino Revolution Against Spain (Revised Ed.)

13.         Dalisay, Jose Y. Jr. Oldtimer and Other Stories.

14.         Danao, Rolando. Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics.

15.         Daoana, Carlomar Arcangel. Marginal Bliss.

16.         Datuin, Flaudette May V. Home Body Memory.

17.         De Guzman, Mes. Barriotic Punk.

18.         Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature: The Legends.

19.         Eugenio, Damiana L. Philippine Folk Literature: The Proverbs.

20.         Garceau, Scott. The Way Things Work.

21.         Garcia, Neil J. and Charlson Ong. The Likhaan Book of Poetry and Fiction 2000.

22.         Gonzaga, Violeta Lopez. Peasants in the Hills (2002 Edition)

23.         Guerrero, Sylvia H. Gender-Sensitive and Feminist Methodologies.

24.         Gutierrez, Ben Paul B. Cases on Marketing Management in the Philippine Setting.

25.         Hufana, Alejandro. Enuegs: Extracts of Tributes to My Civilization.

26.         Lacaba, Jose F. Kung Baga sa Bigas: Mga Piling Tula.

27.         Mabanglo, Elynia S. Kundiman ng Katipunan: Awit nina Andres at Oryang.

28.         Medina, Isagani R. Cavite Before the Revolution (1571-1896) (Revised Ed.)

29.         Mijares, Armand Salvador B. The Minori Cave Expedient Lithic Technology.

30.         Miraflor, Norma. Remembered Songs and Other Stories.

31.         Nadera, Victor Carmelo D. Jr., at Jun Cruz Reyes. Ang Aklat Likhaan ng Tula at Maikling Kuwento 1999.

32.         Ohmachi, Tatsuo and Emerlinda R. Roman. Metro Manila: In Search of a Sustainable Future.

33.         Reyes, Jun Cruz. Utos ng Hari at Iba Pang Kuwento.

34.         Santiago, Lilia Quindoza. Ang Kaulayaw ng Agila.

35.         Santiago, Lilia Quindoza. In the Name of the Mother: 100 Years of Philippine Feminist Poetry.

36.         Tan, Samuel K. The Filipino-American War, 1899-1913 (Revised Ed.)

37.         Yuson, Alfred A. Eight Stories.

38.         Yuson, Alfred A. Hairtrigger Loves: 50 Poems.

2001  BORDER

1.            Abad, Gemino H. A Makeshift Sun: Stories and Poems.

2.            Abaya, Efren. Introduction to Electric Fields.

3.            Abinales, Patricio N. Fellow Traveler: Essays on Filipino Communism.

4.            Agoncillo, Teodoro A. The Fateful Years: Japan’s Adventure in the Philippines, 1941-1945 Vol. I (2001 Edition).

5.            Agoncillo, Teodoro A. The Fateful Years: Japan’s Adventure in the Philippines, 1941-1945 Vol. II (2001 Edition).

6.            Barrios, Joi.  Ang Aking Prince Charming at Iba Pang Noveleta ng Pag-ibig.

7.            Bello, Walden. The Future in the Balance: Essays on Globalization and Resistance (Co-published with the UP Diliman Department of Sociology).

8.            Bonifacio, Amelia (Editor). Vicente G. Sinco: In Memoriam.

9.            Canlas, Dante B. and Shigeaki Fujisaki (Editors). The Philippine Economy: Alternatives for the 21st Century.

10.        Corpuz, O.D. Saga and Triumph (published by the National Centennial Commission).

11.        Cruz, Isagani. Bukod na Bukod: Piling Sanaysay ni Isagani Cruz (Inedit ni David Jonathan Bayot).

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 1987 BORDER

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1981  BORDER

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No. 1: The Organic‑Hierarchical Paradigm and Politics in the Philippines    by Remigio E. Agpalo

No. 2: Prelude to 1896 by Teodoro A. Agoncillo

No. 3: National Development and Ecological Integrity: The Geographical Viewpoint by Telesforo W. Luna Jr.; Ecological Aspects of Fish Parasitology in the Philippines by Carmen C. Velasquez; Some Ideas of Modern Physics and Their Influence on Speculative Thought by Melecio S. Magno

No. 4: Principles of Coagulation and Flocculation of Industrial Wastes by Filemon A. Uriarte Jr.; Structural Considerations in Earthquake‑Resistant Design by Ernesto G. Tabujara; Dislocations: Unifying Concept in Plastic Deformation and Strengthening of Metals by Meliton U. Ordillas, Jr.

No. 5: Management of Large Industrial Projects in the Philippines by Magdaleno B. Albarracin, Jr.; The Philippines in the Year 2000: Tentative Prospects by Emanuel V. Soriano; Socio‑Cultural Environment and the Structure of Formal Organizations by Niceto S. Poblador

No. 6: The Progress of Science Education in the Philippines, 1963‑1973 by Dolores F. Hernandez

No. 7: Questions and Challenges in Philippine Prehistory by F. Landa Jocano

No. 8: Occurrence of Heterotopic Bones Among Domestic Animals  by Jose A. Solis

No. 9: Struggle as Norm: Education in Contemporary China  by Alejandro M. Fernandez

No. 10: Women's Rights Under the 1973 Constitution by Irene R. Cortes; Malcolm on Judicial Review: Its Relevance Under a Parliamentary Regime by Enrique M. Fernando; Multinational Corporations and the Philippines as Host Country: A Legal Assessment by Maria Clara L. Campos

No. 11: The Study of Intermediates in DNA Replication by Baldomero M. Olivera

No. 12: On the Specifications of Social Welfare Functions by Jose Encarnacion, Jr.

No. 13: The Filipino Composer and His Role in the New Society by Eliseo M. Pajaro

No. 14: Recent Innovations in Philippine Channel Management by Rodolfo S.A. Ramos

No. 15: Program for Solar Energy Utilization in the Philippines by Leopoldo V. Abis

No. 16: Systems Approach to Engineering Education at the University of the Philippines System by Luis D. Pascual

No. 17: Recent Fiscal Reforms in the Philippines by Agustin Kintanar, Jr.

No. 18: The Multiple Roles of the Filipino Teacher: Implications for Teacher Education by Priscila S. Manalang

No. 19: My Sumakwelan Works in the Context of Philippine Culture by Ricaredo D. Demetillo

No. 20: The Filipino Policy: Historical Perspective and New Goals in the 1980's by Remigio E. Agpalo

No. 21: Liwanag at Dilim: The Political Philisophy of Emilio Jacintoby Remigio E. Agpalo

No. 22: Some Fish Parasites as Constraints of Human Welfare in the Philippines by Carmen C. Velasquez

No. 23: Environmental Education and Geography by Telesforo W. Luna, Jr.

No. 24: A Philosophy for Human Survival by Leopoldo Y. Yabes

No. 25: Geothermometry of Zoned Cordilleran Deposits by Benjamin S. Austria

No. 26: Revolution in Education in the Peoples Republic of China             by Dolores F. Hernandez

No. 27: The Hard Palate as Basis for the Development of a System of Identification for Animals by Jose A. Solis

No. 28: Operations Research or Systems Engineering by Juan B. Uy

No. 29: Rafael Palma as Liberal Thinker and Man of Letters by Leopoldo Y. Yabes

No. 30: New Horizons in Crop Improvement Work by Ricardo M. Lantican

No. 31: The Third Function of the UPLB College of Agriculture: Antecedents and Perspectives by Obdulia F. Sison

No. 32: The Impact of Inflation on Accounting by Teresa F. Bernabe

No. 33: Scholarship and the University by Teodoro A. Agoncillo

No. 34: Socialized Pricing: A Case Study of Meralco by Filomena M. Cantoria

No. 35: A Common Scientific‑Humanistic Culture and the Study of Literature by Leopoldo Y. Yabes

No. 36: Drug Abuse and the Law            by Maria Clara L. Campos

No. 37: Towards a Competency‑Based Course by Dolores F. Hernandez

No. 38: Philippine Interest Groups and Their Role in Political Modernization and Development by Remigio E. Agpalo

No. 39: Income Distribution in the Philippines: The Employed and the Self‑Employed by Jose Encarnacion, Jr.

No. 40: Project Management in the Philippines: A Concept Paper by Juan B. Uy

No. 41: Poetry and Politics (Part I): The State of Original Writing in English in the Philippines Today by Francisco Arcellana

No. 42: Comparative Features of the Laryngeal Skeleton of the Philippine Water Buffalo by Jose A. Solis

No. 43: Epidemiology of Bovine Parasitic Gastro‑Enteritis in the Philippines by Mario S. Tongson

No. 44: That We May Learn and Teach With Wisdom by Obdulia F. Sison

No. 45: Studies on the Control of Leucocytozoonosis in Chickens in the Philippines by Mauro F. Manuel

No. 46: Opportunities of Exterior‑Type Plywood for Export and Low‑cost Housing   by Armando A. Villaflor

No. 47: Poetry and Politics (Part II): The State of Original Writing in English in the Philippines Today by Francisco Arcellana

No. 48: Teaching Chemistry for Science and Society by Nieves P. Dayrit

No. 49: Negotiation Strategy in Joint Ventures by Emanuel V. Soriano

No. 50: English in the Next Twenty Years by Leopoldo Y. Yabes

No. 51: A Theoretical Economic Explanation of the Failure of Cooperatives   by Emmanuel T. Velasco

No. 52: Conflict of Interests in Corporate Management by Maria Clara Lopez‑Campos

No. 53: Some Parasitic Helminths as Environmental Hazards in the Philippines by Carmen C. Velasquez

No. 54: The Advancement in Technology on Philippine Corn Downy Mildew and the Farmer by Ofelia R. Esconde

No. 55: Model of Political Systems and the Philippines by Remigio E. Agpalo

No. 56: Income Distribution in Manila, Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao by Jose' Encarnacion, Jr.

No. 57: The Stockholder's Right of Inspection: Its Significance, Extent and Limitations by Maria L. Campos

*Some titles may be out of print or unavailable. Please check with our Marketing Department for availability.





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